With Angage Retarget™, you can easily retarget people who bought from someone else's store. These are real, 100% verified buyers that we find with our proprietary technology. We profile thousands of buyers per day.

Because these are people that already purchased a particular item, you can now offer complimentary items to these people.

Here's an example of how the retargeting process works:

In the example above we used a vaporizer, but we can provide retargeting with any sort of products and niches.

We have now profiled:

95744 buyers
(number increases every day)

There are two ways that you can retarget with us:

  • Retargeting by Niche/Category
  • Retargeting by Store

  • Retargeting by Niche/Category

    We now work with 17 niches including:

  • watches, 33157 Buyers
  • nutra, 27294 Buyers
  • smoking, 13288 Buyers
  • gym-clothes, 8476 Buyers
  • clothing, 3892 Buyers
  • gardening, 3474 Buyers
  • pet-care, 1697 Buyers
  • gadgets, 1125 Buyers
  • camping, 910 Buyers
  • tactical, 762 Buyers
  • sports, 690 Buyers
  • phone cases, 613 Buyers
  • supplements, 414 Buyers
  • jewelry, 201 Buyers
  • baby-care, 20 Buyers
  • hair-loss, 12 Buyers
  • cooking, 1 Buyers

  • Stats are updated every day.

    Retargeting by Store

    Do you want to retarget buyers of a particular store? We offer custom retargeting. Our buyer-profiling technology works on 35% of stores out there so it's probably working on the store you want to target. Just write an email to the address below and we will see if it's available.

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    How It Works & Cost

    We will share our audiences with you via Facebook Ads Manager and you will be able to create unlimited ads and campaigns on it.

    This service costs $500/month.
    Email me at [email protected] to get started.