Frequently Asked Questions

What is Angage?

Angage is a software that lets you search valuable information on e-commerce stores and products. Here are some features:

  • Angage hunts currently trending products: we call them "hot" products. For each hot product, we give you powerful insights including links to source the product on Alibaba, Aliexpress, Amazon as well as physical worldwide dropshipping companies. We also include reviews, social campaigns currently running around the product, targeting information for Facebook™ and Google™, and more! You can easily view/export this data.

  • You can search a database of ~10M products (and counting).

  • You can search a database of ~450,000 stores (we add a store every 10 seconds). For each store you can see relevant information including its products, SKUs, vendors, average product value, traffic stats, social accounts and social campaigns currently running, marketing plugins and more.

  • Angage tracks real sales orders. Data includes: location of the buyers, time and date of purchases, item purchased, average orders per day, most served city/country and more. This feature allows you to search products that are selling the most across a growing network of 50,000 stores.

  • Angage also returns worldwide physical suppliers information, including brands and products available for dropshipping. These are real physical suppliers that we mapped from all over the world.

  • Angage also detects high-level trends (seasonal and not).

Why should I use Angage?

  • If you are a person who does dropshipping, use Angage to discover hot products before they go viral, get an understanding of which products a store is selling, what's selling the most, for how much and more.

  • If you are a store owner, use Angage to understand more about your store and how you can improve it, as well as see what vendors your competitors are buying from.

  • If you are a marketer or a marketing agency, use Angage to get e-commerce leads that you can outreach to and data points that you can use to better sell your services to e-commerces.

Do you track store sales? How is that even possible?!

Yes, we do! We track sales for about 50,000+ stores (and counting). Sales are 100% real and data comes directly from the stores. That's why we can predictably know how much the stores sells in a day, in a year and where it ships most orders to.

How much does Angage cost?

We have 2 plans: the better plan and the pro plan. For $20 / month you can get the pro plan which gives you access to all the basic features you need to make better decisions as a store owner or dropshipper. These include: daily hot product, stores and product searches, and more!

For as little as $97 / month, you can upgrade to the pro plan, which gives you everything that is in the better plan, plus sales data. Please visit the pricing page for a more detailed plan comparison.

At Angage, we embrace transparency and openness, so our app and revenue metrics are also open to everyone. Just visit this page.

Where do you get the data from?

Angage uses proprietary ML and AI algorithms to spot hot products. Other data such as stores info and stores' products are simply available from the web. Sales data comes from plugins used on the stores, that connect directly to their databases.

How accurate is the data?

We are very confident about the accuracy of our data, and we have received very good feedback from our users.

What’s your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscription at any time and we will not bill you for future months. You can do easily do that in your profile, or you can contact us anytime (our chat is available 24/5). Our policy does not allow us to offer refunds.