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Imagine being able to jump on trending new products before your competitors do.

Angage helps you with that by hunting trending products: we call them hot products.

For each hot product, Angage gives you powerful insights including links to source the product on Alibaba, Aliexpress, Amazon and eBay.

We also include reviews, social campaigns currently running around the product, targeting information for Facebook™ and Google™, and more!

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Smart Cat Litter Scoop
Discover Today's Hot Product
Today's Hot Product

Pela Case   Sales Data

Eco-friendly iPhone case made from plant-based materials. A durable, sustainable, plastic-free case you can compost.

Lucky Tackle Box   Sales Data

The most popular monthly fishing subscription box that introduces fisherman to new baits and fishing tackle every month for every species!

Well Bots

The leading online store for smart products (drones, robot vacuums, etc..)

Stores Private Info

Angage currently works with Shopify and BigCommerce stores and you can search a massive database of stores.

Check relevant stores information including products, SKUs, vendors, average product value, traffic stats, social accounts, marketing campaigns currently running and more.

See what marketing plugins, cart abandonment and fraud prevention technologies stores are using.

Check if a store is doing any A/B testing or retargeting and on what marketing platform.

Store owner? Get recommendations on how to improve your store.


Angage returns worldwide physical suppliers information.

These are real physical suppliers that we mapped from all over the world.

Easily search brands and products available for dropshipping.


Spot both seasonal and new trends using the power of Angage.

Angage detects high-level trends crossing data from Millions on products and Google Trends™.

Trend: Flannel Pajamas
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「This tool is amazing! I upgraded to the pro plan, and I was able to pay for it with just 1 extra sale.」

Fabio Mikhail, Dropshipper

「Spoke to support which helped me fix some issues with my account. Support was very quick to response and willing to help me.」

Owner, LoveLuve Shop

「I've made 2 sales already with a product I found on Angage and have already made my money back on the starter plan!」

Rob Ungar, Marketer

「Mike from [..], went and took action. He followed through, so there's something to be said. Good for you, Mike! 」

Noah Kagan, Marketer  Hear It


Waitt.. You said you track store sales.
How is that even possible?!

Yes, we do! We track sales of a lot of stores, down to which variants of a certain product are selling the most. In most cases, we also track restocks and returns.

Sales data is very accurate, and that's why we can predictably know how much a store sells and where it ships most orders to.

Is Angage useful if I'm dropshipping?
What if I'm an e-commerce brand?

Yes, Angage is useful in both cases. You can use it to discover hot products before they go viral, get an understanding of what a store is selling, find best selling products and suppliers.

If you are already successfully operating in a specific industry, see if you qualify to receive custom insights from us.

Is this thing legit?

Definitely. We have hundreds of customers who love us. We also embrace transparency by sharing our app and revenue metrics with everyone. If you choose to buy Angage, you 100% support an indie maker. Angage is entirely built by one guy in Italy, not a big corporation.

What if I get stuck?

Glad you asked! We have a knowledge base with videos to help you understand all the features of Angage. We also have an awesome chat customer support, which is available 24/5 to get you unstuck =)